Carlo Acutis - Patron Saint of Our Lady's Army

St. Carlo Acutis was a young Italian boy who lived from 1991 to 2006 and is remembered for his deep Catholic faith and love for technology. Born in London, England, Carlo grew up in a Catholic family and was known for his devotion to the Virgin Mary, his love for the Eucharist, and his passion for computers and the internet.

As a young boy, Carlo was fascinated by technology and used his skills to spread the word of God online. He created several websites, including one dedicated to Eucharistic miracles, which aimed to increase the devotion of the faithful to the Holy Eucharist. He also organized online exhibitions of Eucharistic miracles, using his technical skills to bring attention to this important aspect of the Catholic faith.

Despite his young age, Carlo was also known for his wisdom and deep spirituality. He lived a life of purity, avoiding any form of sin and dedicating himself completely to God. Carlo's faith was an inspiration to those around him, and his example continues to inspire young people today.

Carlo died of leukemia at the age of 15 and was beatified by Pope Francis on October 10, 2020. His life is a reminder of the power of the Catholic faith, especially among young people, and the importance of using technology for good.


His memory lives on, and his intercession was sought by countless people around the world who were in need of healing and guidance.

Our group in particular, "Our Lady's Army," had made it their mission to promote the cause of Carlo's sainthood and to spread his message of love and compassion to others.

St. Carlo Acutis is quickly becoming a popular patron saint for those who have a love for technology and the Catholic faith. His life serves as an example of how to live a virtuous and devout life, even in the midst of a world that is often hostile to the gospel. He is an inspiration to all who seek to live their lives for God, especially in the digital age.

As a young boy, Carlo used his skills and passion for technology to spread the gospel and deepen the faith of others. He created websites dedicated to the Eucharist, organized online exhibitions of Eucharistic miracles, and used his technical skills to bring attention to the centrality of the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church. He was a true disciple of Christ, dedicating himself to God and living a life of purity, avoiding sin and striving for holiness.

In recognition of his life and example, St. Carlo Acutis was beatified by Pope Francis in 2020 and is now recognized as a blessed by the Catholic Church. On the feast day of St. Carlo Acutis, we ask for his intercession and for the inspiration to follow his example of living a life dedicated to God and spreading the gospel through the use of technology.

At, we are proud to recognize St. Carlo Acutis as our patron saint, and we seek to follow his example by using our platform and digital tools to spread the gospel and deepen the faith of our followers. Whether you are a technology professional, a student, or just someone looking for inspiration in your faith journey, St. Carlo Acutis is a model of devotion and holiness for all of us.

As we prayed for Carlo's intercession, we know that we are in the presence of a true saint, a powerful intercessor who would always be there to guide and protect us.

Carlo Acutis, a gamer and computer programmer who loved soccer and the Eucharist, is the Patron Saint of Our Lady's Army and